Cody Pottery
Clay Artist

I have been a full-time self-employed ceramic artist since 1988. I was the owner of Out of Hand Studio and Gallery in Seattle, Wa for 7 years. I now can be found in a small wheat farming community of about 1,900 people by the name of Ritzville. Ritzville is located in the far eastern part of Washington state, the nearest city is Spokane, an hour away. I'm loving the quiet of a small town and so are Mona the dog and Alice and Phil the cat's.

As a child I always wanted to be an artist, and felt a strong connection with animals, bringing home every stray I found. My work often has a creature like charm and tends to be on the playful side. My ceramic fish-heads more often than not have human like personalities, and I'm sure many of them were inspired by customers I served in my 3 year stint as a bartender. It was this job that lead me to this wonderful world of clay, creatures and joy.

I work in low-fire earthenware most of the time, using very bold colors when I paint. My methods of painting vary, most of my functional art pieces are usually solid bold colors with some patterning but I also paint my women's portraits and houses in a much looser painterly manner, using the clay surface as a painter would a canvas. Landscapes are also a large source of inspiration and color. I use some cast forms but for the most part my pieces are either formed with clay slabs and coils or they are formed by pinch method. After painting my pieces they are finished with a clear non toxic glaze.

I intend a sense of humor about my work and consider it an achievement when it makes people smile and laugh out loud. We all need laughter in our lives.