Cody Pottery


16oz. 4 1/2" tall

Available colors:
  • M-1 - Bright yellow with black stripes Purple interior
  • M-2 - Red with black and creamy yellow swirl, mustard gold interior
  • M-3 - Melon with orange stripes, raised black dot, terra-cotta interior
  • M-4 - Dark teal with black dots and white slashes, bluegreen interior
  • M-5 - Mustard gold with black dots and white slashes, plum interior
  • M-6 - Chartreuse (lime) with small black dots, plum interior
  • M-7 - Plum with black stripes, Bluegreen interior
  • M-8 - Black with white squiggles, white interior
  • M-9 - White with black squiggles, black interior