Cody Pottery | 3 leg cups
Cody Pottery
3 leg grouping

Three Leg Cups
Cups with Saucer $52.00
Cup only $36.00

Available colors:
  • C3001 - Red with black circle dots, creamy yellow toes
  • C3002 - Blue with black circle dots, bright yellow interior
  • C3003 - Black with confetti pattern, red rim, creamy yellow interior
  • C3004 - Mustard gold with small black dots, black interior
  • C3005 - Olive green with black oval dots, gold interior
  • C3006 - Raspberry with black oval dots, pink interior
  • C3007 - White with black splatters
  • C3008 - Purple with raised black dots, plum interior
  • C3009 - White with black swirls, blue interior (we call this one "The Migraine")
  • C3010 - Creamy yellow with plum stripes, raised black dots on stripes, plum interior